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How Much Does it Cost to Raise a House in Brisbane?

Raising a house is often more than just a structural adjustment – it’s a transformative project with multiple motivations for local Brisbane residents, some would even say, its one of our favourite construction past times. Whether it’s to combat climate-change-driven flooding, add a new floor, or simply to enhance views as the neighborhood evolves, house raising offers a myriad of benefits.

Cost Factors and Considerations: The cost to raise a house in Brisbane is influenced by various factors. The most significant one is the size of your home. However, other elements like the house’s age, accessibility, surrounding landscape, utility layout, and additional external structures like stairs also play a crucial role. The type of foundation your house sits on can greatly affect the price too, all if which we take into consideration

Price Estimates: To give you a ballpark figure, raising a standard three-bedroom home in Brisbane starts around $30,000 (you may notice other website list this cheaper, however the majority of thise sites are out of date and don’t factor in significant labour and material price changes in 2021, 2022 and 2023).

Now, that pricing is for the raise component of the project, however, when considering additional services such as earthworks, plumbing, electrical works, and more, the average cost to raise your home is often up over $90,000. If you’re planning to build underneath the raised structure, this could elevate the total project cost up to $400,000 +, depending on the complexity and features of the added space.

Time and Logistics: We align ourselves with the largest raise team in Queensland and when you combine their experience with our management, we find the process usually spans around about four weeks, during which time alternate living arrangements will be necessary. Notably, all your furniture can remain inside the house throughout the raising process and will be safe.

Professional Raise Quotes: Getting a precise quote is crucial, and it requires a series of plans and documentation to get through to the construction stage. It all starts with obtaining detailed house raise plans, house raise engineering reports (with soil testing), a site survey and certification. But don’t stress, we partner with great local professionals in each sector to make sure this process is as seamless as possible. Most professional companies, including ours, offer consultations and quotes to help you budget effectively.

When to Consider Raising Your House: Raising your house is a significant decision and isn’t suitable for every situation. It’s vital to consider structural, aesthetic, and practical aspects, especially in flood-prone areas or when adding another story. Also, local building ordinances can influence your project’s feasibility.

Alternatives to House Raising: If house raising doesn’t seem ideal, other options like home extensions, renovations, or anti-flooding measures might be more suitable. Consulting with a senior building designer, architect or relevant professional is advisable to explore these alternatives.

Maintenance and Taking the First Step: To avoid foundation problems, regular maintenance is key. This includes ensuring proper property grading, waterproofing your foundation, maintaining gutters and downspouts, and keeping large plants and trees at a safe distance from your home. When you decide that a raise is the best option for your home and family, you can be sure hat our team at Woolley Constructions will be here to guide you through this transformative journey, ensuring your home not only meets your needs but also stands the test of time and nature.

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