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Design & Construct

From Concept to Completion

Design and construct, also known as design-build, is the best option when you want to keep the entire project under one roof, from the initial sketches through to construction and completion. Together with our clients, our team of design and construction experts will combine specialised knowledge and expertise to accomplish your project to the highest standards – on time and within your budget.

Throughout the project design phase, our team of building designers attends meetings in close collaboration with our clients, and in coordination with Woolley Constructions. This tried-and-true procedure guarantees that the project stays within your budget at all times. Once finalised, Woolley Constructions is able to create a formal quote for construction, based on the designs that were created, which are yours to keep and use as needed. The quote will be within your budget, but more significantly, Woolley Constructions’ involvement in the design phase will ensure that the project runs smoothly and meets or exceeds your expectations in terms of quality.

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Design and Construct with Woolley Constructions have various benefits.

Avoid moving forward with ideas that will have construction costs that are much above the client’s budget. This is unquestionably the main problem that has negatively impacted the standard approach. By using a collaborative process, we can monitor the design as it is created to make sure that it adheres to the budget. This advice is crucial as the design develops because we are experts in building costs, helping you prevent the sorrow of an unaffordable project.

Where the development of a design and obtaining approvals have required significant time and emotional investment from the homeowners, in addition to significant financial investment, only to realise that the build is not possible because it is significantly more expensive than anticipated.

While the design is being developed, we look for any potential risk factors that could compromise any potential approvals. Before spending time and money finalising the design and applying for any approvals, this enables our clients to make educated decisions and assess for themselves any dubious details that may or may not be rejected.

We lower the possibility of changes during construction by actively participating in the design and approval processes. To ensure a more seamless construction process, we continuously assess the design as it matures. We will have the chance to address any potential problems that could delay the construction of the home at this time.

Consider feasible design alternatives or ‘like for like’ replacements for the outcomes or goods that have been presented in order to save on construction costs. This aspect of the service is of tremendous value to a house build or major renovation. While they create their plans, building designers create their designs with an eye towards inventiveness. We specialise in creating homes at set prices, and thanks to our years of experience, we can offer our clients choices that are more cost-effective.

If you choose design and construct, the design and construction teams will collaborate from the very beginning. There will be a smooth transition between your finished design idea and its construction, and there will be less space for error in the design or budgeting, as well as a lower likelihood of costly changes during construction.

A more fluid and stress-free building procedure is also made possible by having a single point of contact during the entire build.

Woolley Constructions services all of Brisbane and the outer areas, including suburbs in North Brisbane, the East and Bayside, South Brisbane, and the greater West.

For your next Design & Construct project, please contact Ben Woolley to arrange a quote below or call 0481 977 814.

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