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Pre-Construction Consultancy

(PAC Process)

Woolley Constructions offers a comprehensive consultancy service for all pre-construction requirements. 

This service is designed to efficiently manage and align all professional services, ensuring the realization of the client’s project brief within the specified schedule and budget. 

We propose a fee of 0.5% of the projected project spend for this service, with direct payments to all pre-construction professionals.

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Our consultancy package includes the following services:

  • Attainment of all existing service/network plans and mapping. 

  • Attendance at a client consultation with our recommended town planner, Brisbane Town Planning, to define project design limitations and/or overlay restrictions.

  • Attendance at a client design consultation with our recommended building designer, Designer Planning to discuss the project brief, design timeline, and provide a baseline fee proposal.

  • Attendance at a concept review meeting with Designer Planning, including advice on material selection, layout, and buildability to achieve the desired finish and budget.

  • A thorough assessment of the existing property by Woolley Constructions’ director and proposed project foreman before providing a preliminary estimate. This allows Woolley Constructions to provide a more accurate estimate and eventually a true fixed price proposal, eliminating the need for builder requested variations.

  • Review of concept plans and provision of a preliminary estimate using comprehensive in-house estimating software to provide accurate pricing and give you a much clearer idea of build costs, prior to moving onto working drawings.
  • A meeting with Woolley Constructions and all project investors to review the preliminary estimate in detail and, if required, discuss alternative scope to meet budget requirements.
  • Amendment of concept plans, if required, before submitting construction designs to the council for development approval (DA). Woolley Constructions will liaise closely with you during this process to ensure you are comfortable with the final design and ensure the budget is on track and aligned with Woolley Constructions.
  • Attendance at geotechnical testing with Apod Soil Testing to ensure tests are in a suitable location for the proposed construction and have provided consistent results required for engineering.
  • Liaison with recommended engineers (AD.Structure, Design SIRS & Walker Engineering) for structural drawings, including advice on relevant lead times.
  • On-site inspections with all relevant sub-trades prior to their quotation submission. This allows for a clear scope of work, and further eliminates the requirement for builder/sub-trade requested variations.
  • Liaison with our recommended Building Certifier prior to completing our proposal to include any special requirements for project approvals.

  • Submission of a fixed price proposal including all scope of works required to complete the project. This includes itemised schedule of finishes, transparent quotes from all sub-trades (attached with the proposal) and extensively detailed specifications. We pride ourselves in the time and work that goes into our proposals, which are generally 30+ page documents.

  • Co-ordination of building approval (BA) and your design professional will update the design package which is sent across to you, the certifier, planner, and engineers. meeting with Woolley Constructions and all project investors to review the preliminary estimate in detail and, if required, discuss alternative scope to meet budget requirements.

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