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Resilient Homes Fund Builders - Quotes for QRIDA

In 2022, the Queensland Government rolled out the Resilient Homes Fund, a pivotal initiative in response to the devastating 2021/2022 Queensland floods. This program, significant for homeowners grappling with flood repercussions, earmarks up to $100,000 in grants for house raising, and for some homeowners, co-financing projects surpassing this value. We are now happy to announce that this grant has been extended until 2025.

Here at Woolley Constructions, we bring to the table not just over a decade of experience in elevating Brisbane homes, but a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in both securing these grants and executing the house raising projects. Our strength lies in our extensive network and seasoned expertise.

resilient homes fund house raise brisbane

Having navigated numerous Resilient Home Fund projects, we’ve recognised a common thread – homeowners often find the process daunting and complex. That’s where Woolley Constructions steps in – to simplify, manage, and expedite the process, reducing stress and ensuring a seamless project flow.

Our efficient house raise experience means we can point you in the right direction to obtain everything you need to obtain a quote from QRIDA and lift your home above the flood levels.

This includes recommending building designers or architects, helping you consult with engineers, completing site surveys, obtaining a thorough house raise quote, submitting all your documents for funding, speaking with Government assessors, and of course, starting your raise and completing the construction phases.

Our methodical approach has proven essential in aligning with the Queensland Government’s preference for well-organised and prepared applications.

Now this may seem like a lot of hoops to jump through however, because we have been through this a number of times, we outline a simple yet streamlined process, which includes:

  1. Arranging a quote from experienced RHF building designers for a house raise proposal.
  2. Recommending a RHF surveyor to liaise with your designer.
  3. Recommending an engineer (or 2) for a quote for the structural steel, footings and bracing.
  4. Forwarding all your design and engineering plans to a skilled house raising team for an accurate estimate.
  5. Compiling all your documentation, inclusive of additional services like stairs, excavation work, fencing, plumbing and electrical works etc, and submitting it via the QRIDA platform for funding approvoals.

Following each submission, we engage actively with assessors to ensure a swift outcome regarding funding allocation. You can rest assured that our proactive and attentive approach will ensure there are no delays, because at Woolley Constructions, we’re not just about raising houses; we’re about raising standards.

We enjoy guiding flood-affected Brisbane homeowners through the complexities of the Resilient Homes Fund, helping with numerous details from sourcing quotes to construction. With our expertise, homeowners can rest assured that their homes will be elevated safely and professionally. We look forward to working with you and raising your home to a safer level.

Woolley Constructions services all of Brisbane and the outer areas, including suburbs in North Brisbane, the East and Bayside, South Brisbane, and the greater West.

For your Resilient Homes Fund project, please contact Ben Woolley to arrange a quote below or call 0481 977 814.

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